Nissan Terrano Interior india & Full Interior feature

By | August 3, 2013

Nissan Terrano interior india ; – Nissan is going to launch his new suv in this year i.e Nissan terrano. This suv is not only good in engine performance but it’s interior features are also advance and hi tech. This car is already launch in Japan and U.S. But now company decide to launch this car in india. so are going to tell you Some of the interior features.

Nissan terrano interior india

nissan terrano interior india

There is many more interior feature which nissan offer in this suv. In a price segment of Rs- 7,00,000 company give power steering for comfortable driving. Nissan offer a complete layout on the front seat but it is not clear yet is the seat are ventilated or not. These seat can be adjustable in 6 different way. Due to these feature it provide driver and front ride a complete safety.  

On the rear seat Nissan also offer leather and soft seat for great comfort and style. For the rear passengers company also offer rear a.c vents which can automatic cool the rear seats of the car.  At the middle of these seat a arm rest is also present and on the back of this seat a large cabin space is there. You can store much more thing in the back cabin space.

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Nissan terrano interior india dashboard

Talk about the dashboard, Nissan give a unique and fludic style in the dashboard and the plastic quality of this dashboard is also supreb. On the left side of the dashboard company give a glove box. Due to this box you can store many eatable thing in large amount. In this price range this feature is best for you. In the dashboard a audio speaker is also these and at the back seat company give 4 Audio speaker. quality of sound of this speaker is perfect.

window & Break

nissan terrano interior india

Nissan terrano interior india is also powered by electronic window and break also. These can be control by a button which is given on the side of this window. These button is not only place at front but for rear passenger can also control all the features. Transmission of this car is also automatic but the base varient is only available in the manual transmission. Come back on the break, then these are also electronic. Nissan terrano interior india also come with the led speedometer. This helps you to check the Revolution per minute as well as the current speed of the car. At night this speedometer looks nice. So these are the main Nissan Terrano interior features.

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Boot space

Last but not least, In a good suv everyone wants to good boot space and In nissan Terrano inteior india this feature is also available. Company does’t confirm about the exact boot space of the car but it much more than other suv in this price range. You can store more than 5 Big bags in this car. Overall Nissan terrano interior india and it’s quality is Awesome.



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